It's Never Been Easier!

Join FitClub for just $20 per month for the first 6 months! This pandemic pricing is the lowest we’ve ever offered.

It's never been easier to join one of our three Springfield fitness and wellness locations because we want to help you get into the gym and forget about 2020.

Plus, for each referral you send our way, we’ll give you an additional 3 months at $20. No limit.

Click below to enter your information and a success coach will contact you with details.

Notes: Offer valid during the month of April. New members receive a $100 service credit. Full contract will be for 12 months total, including the discounted months. New members must also pay full, prorated amount and key-tag cost at sign-up. After the first 6 months of the special $20 rate, member will pay either $39.20 or $49.

South - 3631 S 6th St, Springfield, IL 62703

West - 2811 W Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL 62704

North - 2701 E Sangamon Ave, Springfield, IL 62702

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